Sales Agreement


This Agreement, including the cases where the PURCHASER (Consumer) performs transactions with the application, phone, whatsapp line on his mobile device; regulates the rights and obligations of the parties regarding the sale-delivery of the following products/services ("Product/Products") that the SELLER desires to purchase by placing an order on the e-commerce website (all of the above-mentioned channels will hereinafter be referred to as the 'WEBSITE') belonging to the SELLER and regarding other matters. Upon the PURCHASER’s approval of this Agreement on the WEBSITE, the price and expenses of the Product(s) ordered are collected by the payment method depending on their own preference.

Article 1 - PARTIES


Title: Reis Jewellery LTD.

Address: 293 Green Lanes, London, N4 2TU, United Kingdom

Phone: +90 850 255 65 55 



Name, Surname:






The following details the Sort and Type, Quantity, Brand/Model/Color, Unit Price(s), and Sale Price of the products and services as well as Delivery Information, Payment (collection) Information, and the place of delivery specified by the PURCHASER. The PURCHASER must accept delivery from another nearby branch after being informed by the SELLER if the courier firm does not have a branch at the PURCHASER's address (The PURCHASER will get the necessary information in this respect through e-mail, SMS, or telephone). Other delivery-related issues are detailed in the Article 7 of the Agreement below.

Product/Service Description Price

Delivery Information        


Card Number:  

Delivery Address:

Invoice Information:

Delivery-to Person:

Invoice Address:




Before accepting this Agreement on the WEBSITE and being required to make an order or a payment, the PURCHASER certifies that s/he has been informed about the following concerns by seeing and carefully reading all general and detailed explanations on the relevant pages and sections of the WEBSITE.

- Title and contact information of the SELLER and up-to-date introductory information,

- Appropriate tools and procedures for the stages of the sales process and for correcting information that was entered improperly when purchasing the product(s) from the WEBSITE,

- Electronic contact details for the SELLER's Chamber of Commerce (ICOC-Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) membership and the ICOC's professional behavior guidelines (Phone: 4440486,

- The confidentiality, data usage-processing, and electronic communication policies that the SELLER applies to the PURCHASER's information and the permissions which the PURCHASER grants the SELLER in these matters, as well as the parties' respective legal rights and the procedures for exercising those rights,

- The products' shipping restrictions set out by the SELLER,

- The method(s) of payment that the SELLER accepts for the product(s) covered by the agreement, the fundamental features of the Products, and the final price, including taxes (the total price to be paid by the PURCHASER to the SELLER, including the related expenses),

- Information on the methods of delivery of the products to the PURCHASER and the shipping-delivery-cargo costs,

- Additional information on the products' payment/collection, delivery, and fulfillment of the Contract, as well as the obligations and liabilities of the parties in these issues.

- Products and other goods and services that the PURCHASER does not have the right of withdrawal,

- When the PURCHASER has a right of withdrawal, the conditions, duration, and method for exercising that right; if the right is not exercised in a timely manner;

- For products with a right of withdrawal, the PURCHASER's request for a refund may not be granted and, in any case, the PURCHASER will be liable to the seller if the product is damaged or altered because it was not used in accordance with the product's instructions for use, normal functioning, or technical specifications during the withdrawal period; when the SELLER agrees, it may deduct (offset) a sum from the repayment due to the PURCHASER in accordance with the defect or change that it deems appropriate.

- In cases where there is a right of withdrawal, how to return the Products to the SELLER and all related financial issues (including return ways, cost and return of the Product price and reward points earned/used by the PURCHASER during the return, discounts and deductions that can be made without reimbursement to the PURCHASER for free products, other free/discounted/discounted opportunities, gift vouchers, etc., in campaign sales, and additional collections from the PURCHASER, depending on the situation, in cases where it is not sufficient,

- If the PURCHASER is a legal entity, that s/he is not permitted to use "consumer rights," including the right to return products bought for business or professional use (for example, bulk purchases are deemed to be of such nature),

- All other sales conditions contained in this Agreement and this Agreement are provided to the PURCHASER by e-mail after being accepted and established by the PURCHASER on the WEBSITE, in accordance with their nature, that it can be kept and accessed for the period the PURCHASER specifies, and the SELLER has a three-year retention period.

- Procedures and applications for personal data, electronic communications, and privacy,

- In the event of a disagreement, that the PURCHASER may file complaints to the SELLER along with contact information, as well as legal requests to the District/Provincial Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in line with the applicable sections of Law No. 6502.


The PURCHASER may terminate this Agreement within fourteen (14) days after the date on which the Product was delivered, without providing a reason and without incurring any fees.

However, even if they haven't been used or used, the following products/services are not subject to contracts' right of cancellation:  a) Items made to the PURCHASER's specifications, needs, and dimensions (including items altered or added to suit the PURCHASER's specific requirements, as well as unique items imported or supplied from within or outside the country as per the PURCHASER's order) b) food products that are perishable or past their expiration date, such as foodstuffs with chocolate, etc. c) goods that have been delivered but whose protective components, such as packaging, tape, seals, or packages, have been opened and are not suitable for return due to their potential impact on health and hygiene; g) products or services whose prices fluctuate due to financial market fluctuations outside of the seller's or supplier's control, h) The services that are begun to be provided during the right of withdrawal period with the PURCHASER's consent, and i) the other products and services that are typically regarded as falling outside the purview of distance sales under applicable law, as well as situations in which the PURCHASER makes a purchase for a commercial or professional use j) In particular, the PURCHASER is unable to exercise their right of withdrawal for items made in response to their specific requests and demands, items personalized with changes or additions, and items with poor workmanship because all rings will be adjusted to fit the PURCHASER's finger size during the ordering process.

In situations when exercising a right of withdrawal is an option, the purchaser is legally responsible for any changes and deteriorations which take place if the product is not used in accordance with the producer's operational, technical, and usage guidelines within the specified period. Therefore, the PURCHASER risk losing their right to a refund if there is any modification or degradation as a result of not using the product in accordance with the technical specifications, operating procedures, and instructions up until the withdrawal date; when the SELLER accepts the return, a deduction is made from the product's price equal to the alteration or degradation.

When a right of withdrawal is present, the PURCHASER must have informed the SELLER in writing clearly and promptly within the required 14 days that the right of withdrawal has been used. If the aforementioned right is used within the allotted time, the Product must be sent, at the PURCHASER's expense, to the seller at the given location within a maximum of ten (10) days.

The product must be returned whole, undamaged, with all of its original packaging, along with the box and any standard accessories that may have been included. The following section regarding the return will be completed and signed on the invoice to be returned with the Product, in addition to the circumstances where the PURCHASER must issue a Return Invoice in accordance with tax law. Order returns for which a return invoice is required shall not be accepted unless a Return Invoice is issued.

"The address where the products will be returned, the seller's address, or the address of the courier company sent for return."

Within 14 days after the date the withdrawal notification reaches the seller, provided that the PURCHASER meets the aforementioned conditions, in line with the payment method used to purchase the Product, the product price and, if applicable, the shipping expenses are reimbursed to the PURCHASER.

including the PURCHASER's legal obligations and rights regarding the Products, the SELLER's reward points, and free, discounted, or discounted sales from the PURCHASER after the withdrawal period, there are also present and valid rights and obligations, including contractual and statutory collection-offset rights.


5.1. In the presence of a current agreement-contract between the PURCHASER and the SELLER that earns award points, etc., which allows the reward points to provide discounts, etc., on the shopping from the SELLER's WEBSITE, the PURCHASER, the SELLER's aforementioned agreement and also the aforementioned institution itself If he/she has won such an award point due to his/her exchange subject to this Agreement as required by his/her contract; in cases where a refund is made to the PURCHASER by withdrawing from this Agreement or otherwise canceling the order, the amount (monetary value) of the reward points, gifts and similar items earned by the PURCHASER with the purchase subject to this Agreement is taken back from the PURCHASER.

This take-back process is made primarily from those award points if the PURCHASER has sufficient-other award points at the aforementioned institution-system, unless a different method is stipulated in the SELLER's agreement with the relevant institution (excluding reward points earned by shopping subject to this Agreement); if not available, it is made by deducting (deducting) in cash from the price to be returned by the SELLER to the PURCHASER.

5.2. If the PURCHASER has made the payment to the SELLER partially/wholely with reward points, etc., in the purchase of the Product subject to this Agreement, in cases where the product purchased in this way is returned to the PURCHASER in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Agreement, reward points and similar items used by the SELLER while purchasing the Product on the WEBSITE can be returned to the PURCHASER (again as points), unless the SELLER has a different agreement with the relevant institution.

5.3. As a general rule, the SELLER may collect the monetary value-amount of the said award points from the PURCHASER (by credit card, cash, and other legal methods) in instances where the PURCHASER obtains or utilizes unfair reward points in any way. This provision also applies to the cost of any gifts that the seller gives the PURCHASER as a result of the implementation of such a system.