Human Resources

As Reis Jewellery, we offer equal opportunities with a fair approach to our employees in all the Human Resources practices such as recruitment, promotion, rotation and remuneration.

The list of vacant positions at Reis Jewelry is updated frequently.



  • Knowing the intricacies of content production in social media and preparing proper content suitable for our corporate identity
  • Possessing the ability to set new trends as well as follow current fashion, accessory, and digital technology agendas.
  • Having strong creative and investigative skills
  • Speaking Turkish clearly and fluently, with a solid understanding of written language and grammar.
  • Having editorial skills
  • Being capable of providing prompt, helpful responses to any queries from the social networks we have used.
  • Preferably being fluent in English
  • Preparing and following press releases
  • Being capable of creating magazine, newspaper, and commercial text
  • Being capable of adjusting to flexible working hours and updating material as necessary outside of office hours
  • Being highly patient and full of positive energy
  • Preferably residing in the European side


  • Preferably being a university graduate
  • Being between the ages of 25-35
  • Having at least three years of management experience in the jewelry industry
  • Residing in the European / Anatolian side
  • Having no travel restrictions
  • Having strong planning and organizational skills
  • Being successful in strong communication and human relations
  • Preferably being fluent in English
  • Having high persuasiveness skill
  • Targeting customer satisfaction and being sales-oriented
  • Taking care of personal care
  • For male applicants, being not related to military service


  • Being able to carry out the process related to customer communication
  • Being able to manage phone and e-mail traffic from customers
  • Following stock, order, warehouse and shipment processes
  • Providing control of the return processes
  • Following-up of the Sales (Invoicing, etc.) of the products
  • Being suitable for flexible working hours
  • Having at least high school degree, preferably associate degree and undergraduate degree
  • Preferably being participated in the online sales processes of companies operating in the retail and merchandising industries
  • Having the skills for planning and organization
  • Being compatible with teamwork
  • Being a careful and meticulous employee
  • Having written and verbal communication skills
  • Being able to use Ms Office programs effectively
  • For male applicants, having completed Military Service
  • Preferably residing in Istanbul European side


  • Being a graduate of graphic design, visual communication design and similar departments of universities
  • Being able to use design and graphic programs efficiently
  • Having visual design and analysis skills, strong creativeness and ability of original design
  • Being able to follow and analyze current trends in the world of design and to come up with creative solutions suitable for the industry
  • Being highly skilled in communication, being prone to teamwork, having strong follow-up skills
  • Being able to present a portfolio
  • Having at least 2 years of experience in Graphic Design
  • Being fluent in English at least to be able to follow international sources
  • Being able to carry out creative visual works in accordance with the marketing strategies of the Reis brand.
  • Being able to carry out the process of creating relevant information and images for the Reis website and social media, as well as designing requirements like banners and creating printed designs like brochures and leaflets, etc.

You can contact us via our contact page or our email address if you feel that your resume and professional experience are appropriate for the vacant positions mentioned above.

Once your CV reaches us, your application will be forwarded to preliminary evaluation. We will contact you if the requirements for the position for which you are applying match your qualifications.

Your application will only be evaluated by Reis Jewellery Human Resources, and all applications will be considered under strict privacy standards.