Membership Agreement


It is recommended to read the User and Membership Agreement, which includes the general terms of use of the site and mobile application, the general rules and legal responsibilities regarding it, the contract terms, rules and legal responsibilities stated below, before using the mobile application of and Reis Jewellery. If the specified conditions are not suitable for you, do not use the website or mobile application.

For the execution of this membership agreement, it is sufficient to enter the required Member(ship) Information and password to be determined by you, and to provide specified approval and/or permissions and press the [Complete Membership] button etc. We kindly ask you to enter your name, e-mail address/mobile phone number and other mandatory information accurately, completely and without errors. If you notice an error, please correct it. The Member is deemed to have seen, read, reviewed, and understood the terms and conditions of personal data transactions and membership, customer services on our Website, mobile application, and stores when s/he approve this Agreement by entering the information required in the Membership Information on our Website.

Any service, product, conditions of use, and information provided on this website or mobile application are subject to change, reorganization, and discontinuation at Reis Jewellery's discretion without prior notice. Changes take effect on the site or mobile application on the date of publication. Every time a member or user accesses the website or mobile application, Reis Jewellery advises them to visit to the legal warning page.


Reis Jewellery LTD., the party to which you will contract an agreement for the membership of ("Website") through the application you have installed on the Internet or on your mobile device. ("Reis Jewellery").

The User is the person who visits the Reis Jewellery website and application with or without the purpose of shopping.

A Member is any natural or legal person who wishes to use Reis Jewellery to purchase products, fills out the membership form completely, and is approved by Reis Jewellery for membership. They shall be referred to as "MEMBER" in this agreement. Adults who are 18 years of age or older can join by fully completing the applicable membership form on the WEBSITE and providing accurate information about their identity. Companies that want to become a MEMBER (Individuals and partners), Collective Companies, Ordinary Commandite Companies, Limited Companies, Limited Companies, Joint Stock Companies, Cooperatives and other institutions' legal information and legal authority over the age of 18 can become a MEMBER and take action on behalf of his institutions upon completing the relevant membership form on the WEBSITE. "Member name" is specific to each member and cannot be shared by two separate MEMBERS.


The services to be provided by Reis Jewellery through the website and mobile application generally consist of electronic commerce defined in the Consumer Law legislation.

Services to be provided by Reis Jewellery through the website and mobile application; including but not limited to, is the delivery of the products belonging to Reis Jewellery, offered for sale on or the mobile application of Reis Jewellery, to the User or Member, on behalf of Reis Jewellery, after paying the price including taxes and other legal obligations.


3.1. Persons under the age of 18 cannot shop from our website or mobile application. The person affirms and agrees that they are older than 18 by signing up for the site and/or logging in.

3.2. You acknowledge that any purchases you make are for your own use and not for resale.

3.3. The system does not require membership for shopping. However, in order to take advantage of different benefits and complete your subsequent purchases even more quickly, you must be a member.

3.4. The member agrees the following:  the address, e-mail address, fixed and mobile phone numbers, and other contact information that they provide on their membership application or later update are accurate in all material respects and that Reis Jewellery will be held entirely responsible for any losses resulting from the provision of false information. Unless a written notification is given to the contrary, this membership agreement is approved, and Reis Jewellery has the right to contact the Member for communication, marketing, notification, and other purposes over the information he has provided, by letter, e-mail, SMS, phone call, and other means. Reis Jewellery may get in touch with him to conduct the aforementioned communication activities. Reis Jewellery can use their information within the framework of their own marketing activities and share them with third parties within the framework of the personal data protection law.

3.5. All products offered for sale on the website and mobile application have prices and applicable sales conditions that are only valid on those two platforms.

3.6. Reis Jewellery reserves the right to cancel or refuse to fulfill orders that are shown incorrectly and disclaims responsibility for price and content errors brought on by typesetting and system errors.

3.7. Trademarks, trade names, titles, logos, graphics, patterns, images, general view, texts and all other materials and technical data used in the website, in the mobile application and, if available, in its extensions are the property of and its affiliate Reis Jewellery LTD. and are under legal protection. The text and graphic files presented on this site are protected by copyright and/or registered trademark laws or by any other means as a registered design of For this reason, no part of the website or its extensions, if any, including any text or visual content listed above, may be used without the owner's prior consent. Nothing on this website, including any content and features, may be published in other media, copied, reproduced, changed, reproduced, converted to a different license, sent by mail, uploaded to a computer, or used in any other way without the prior written consent of Reis Jewellery. Reis Jewellery reserves the right to use any and all legal and criminal remedies in the event that any of the rights listed above are violated, while all other rights are also reserved.

3.8. Reis Jewellery LTD. is not responsible for any direct and/or indirect damages that may arise as a result of accessing the website and mobile application and, if available, its extensions, using the information and other data on the website.

3.9. In event of linking to the website(s) not owned by Reis Jewellery, Reis Jewellery does not have any legal, criminal, administrative or other responsibility for the contents and/or the links of this website(s). All potential risks associated with visiting these linked websites are the sole responsibility of Members and Users.

3.10. Reis Jewellery disclaims all liability for any interruption, deletion, loss, delay in the transaction, computer virus infection, unauthorized entry into the records, theft, alteration, or other use of the records for any purpose.

3.11. Orders made by money order or electronic funds transfer (EFT) are processed on the day that the money appears in our bank accounts, not the day the order is placed.

3.12. Orders for money order/EFT payments are canceled if they are not made within 72 hours and the customer is not informed of the transaction by clicking the "I made a money order/EFT" button or by email.

3.13. All of the items for sale on the website are not always in stock with Reis Jewellery. The ordered products are produced when deemed necessary. However, for various reasons, it may not be possible to produce ordered products that are out of stock. In this event, the customer placing the order is informed via e-mail or phone, and the amount received for the product is not subject to any penal clauses, interest, etc. is returned in its original form.

3.14. In case it is detected that erroneous, incomplete and misleading information and statements are entered on our site, contrary to the general moral rules, public order and Turkish law, activities that threaten the security of the site and the operating system are attempted, the information in the site content is tried to be changed or deleted, and similar situations are detected; the right of access to our site of the said Member and User may be blocked. All kinds of legal and penal rights, including the right to termination of the contract unilaterally, of Reis Jewellery regarding persons and institutions involved in such activities are reserved.

3.15. The member does not have the authority to access and use the information of other members, as well as to disclose information like the membership name and password to third parties and organizations. The member is responsible for any damage caused by the member's contrary action. All kinds of legal, administrative and penal liability arising from such uses will belong to the member.


4.1. Members and Users acknowledge that they are subject to all applicable laws, including but not limited to the Turkish Penal Code, Turkish Code of Obligations, Turkish Civil Code, Turkish Commercial Code, Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, Trademark and Patent Legislation, and agree to assume all legal, penal, and administrative responsibilities in the event of any illegal use while using the website.

4.2. Members and Users are prohibited from using the website for immoral or illegal activities, to disturb others, to disturb the peace, or to otherwise violate the law.

4.3. If it is determined that Reis Jewellery, its Members and Users do not comply with the obligations listed in Article 4.1 and/or the general rules specified on the site, although not listed here, the Member or User has the right to temporarily/indefinitely block the use of the site and/or close the account, and terminate the contract unilaterally.

4.4. The Member and the User declares, accepts, and agrees that Reis Jewellery has the right to pursue its Members and Users for administrative and judicial fines that cover all types of damages sustained by Reis Jewellery as a result of their breach of this contract's obligations, as well as all types of compensation and/or compensation that Reis Jewellery may be required to pay to public institutions and/or third parties as a result of the Member and User's breach of contract.

4.5. If the member wishes to terminate her membership, she/he should notify this request via e-mail to or by phone +90 850 255 65 55. If the membership is canceled, the authorization to enter the site as a member will be removed.

4.6. Keeping all correspondence between Users and Members with Reis Jewellery is entirely their responsibility, and Reis Jewellery shall not be responsible for the deletion and/or loss of these communications.

4.7. In event that the member terminates his/her account, Reis Jewellery reserves the right to delete/not delete the account information within the scope of the law on the protection of personal data, and to share/not share it with third parties. In this case, the member has no right to demand any right or compensation from Reis Jewellery under any circumstances.

4.8. Members are solely responsible for their interactions with other members, and they are prohibited from using the website with other members and/or users who are not members by engaging in activities (such as sending spam, viruses, trojan horses, etc.) and other transactions. Otherwise, Reis Jewellery holds the right to terminate the Membership account and demand compensation for any damages which have arisen and/or will arise, with the right to disclose the identity information of the Members in case of a criminal complaint and an investigation request from the official authorities.

4.9. Despite the fact that Reis Jewellery website has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that its mobile application does not contain viruses, etc., members are required to procure a virus protection program to provide ultimate protection. Members are responsible for all damages that may occur in their own software and operating systems when they enter the website or use the mobile application.

4.10. Reis Jewellery holds the right to unilaterally make changes in the provisions of this contract, to permanently/temporarily suspend the services provided to Members and Users, and to change the content without notice. Reis Jewellery shall publish the current situation on the site in case of a change in the specified issues.

4.11. Within the confines of honesty regulations, Reis Jewellery will be permitted to disclose the private information of its Members when required by law, to act in accordance with legal requirements, and/or to protect and defend Reis Jewellery's rights and property. Please read the "Privacy Policy" section to read our general policy and the precautions we take to protect the personal information and privacy of our users.

4.12. The ideas and opinions expressed and used by the Members and Users on the website, mobile application, are purely their personal opinions and bind the opinion holder. Reis Jewellery has no responsibility for the damages that may be incurred by third parties due to the ideas and opinions expressed by these persons, and for the damages that may be incurred by its Members and Users due to the ideas and opinions expressed by the third parties.

4.13. In case of detection of Members and Users' activities contrary to the provisions of this contract, the contract of these persons may be terminated unilaterally by Reis Jewellery without notice.

4.14. The parties accept and declare that all computer records belonging to Reis Jewellery will be taken as the sole and true exclusive evidence, in accordance with Article 193 of the HMK, and that the aforementioned records constitute a contract of evidence.


By completing and approving this membership form or by using this site to receive service or order, the Member is deemed to have declared, accepted and committed to comply with this contract. The contract may be terminated unilaterally by Reis Jewellery without the need for any warning, upon termination of membership or the realization of any of the termination conditions listed in this agreement.


Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes that may arise from the implementation of this contract.


7.1. The e-mail address that the member informs to Reis Jewellery is considered as the e-mail where the legal address will be requested for any notification to be made regarding this contract. Any notification made to the Member using this e-mail address is deemed to be received by the Member one day after the mail is sent.

7.2. Unless the parties notify the other party in writing of the changes in their current e-mails within 5 (five) days, they are deemed to accept that the requests made to the old e-mails will be valid and will be deemed to have been made to them.

The Member declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she has read, understood, accepted all the articles in this membership agreement and approved the accuracy of the information he/she has given about himself/herself  and that he/she has consented to all commercial messages sent to him/her after this approval.