Reis brand was established in May 1982, on a simple beautiful spring morning. The idea for the establishment of the brand was put forward in a wooden, modest wood corner of the Hak passage, which was also known as the Hümeyra passage of the period.

In the year 2010, they took a new step in life with a minimal line with the young, innovative and productive members of the family, aiming to make the ostentatious word 'gold' a humble one.

A bridge has been built from the solemnity of the word 'jewelry' to the unbearable lightness of the diamond. Reis Jewellery continues this business by simplifying the value of the classic from its tradition to its future day by day. Thanks to Hak Pasajı, Nişantaşı, Alaçatı, Bağdat Street, and online retailers, Reis' minimalist designs, which have come to symbolize the brand in our nation, can be found on every continent, in every city, on every hand, and on every wrist.

With the help of its worldwide designers, corporate alliances, and the vigor of the Reis family, Reis Jewellery continues to create its creations with the same enthusiasm and interest as in 1982.

In trade, materiality is a rule. However, your real motivation is triggered by your dreams. When you have everything, do not dream of more; dream the whole world when you have nothing.

Every place where our customers are is our world. Through the basic gentleness with you, the real characters of our stories...